MistAway Product Superiority
It is no wonder why we sell, service, and install MistAway Mosquito Control Products.
They are simply the best.

Market Leaders
MistAway Systems are the undisputed market leaders in mosquito control — that is why every automated system we install comes from them. MistAway Mosquito Control Systems is what we use in our own backyards and it is the equipment we offer to our customers. First with digital controllers and the only company to have and include insecticide agitation prior to every cycle. Agitation ensures the last application is as consistent and potent as the first. High quality engineering goes into all their pieces and parts all the way out to the misting tips.

It doesn't stop there. Siphon protection in the event a line is cut will prevent depletion of the entire reservoir. Once the system cycles an optional leak detection can prevent reservoir depletion. An optional wind sensor can interrupt the system if the wind is too high. All these market leading features and more are available with a MistAway System.

Innovative Products
The features we mentioned above were introduced to the market by MisAway Systems, but we are not done. Another market first: Introducing the first TANKLESS mosquito control misting system. Friendlier to consumers, this unit fits easily into your landscape so only you know its there. Each application is precisely mixed by a digital controller for a fresh batch of dilute insecticide from the botanical concentrate that distributes through the misting system and eliminates mosquitoes equally as well as our tank models.
  • Tankless Mosquito Control Misting Systems
  • 55 Gallon Tank Mosquito Control Misting Systems
  • 125 gallon Tank Mosquito Control Misting Systems
  • Every System Utilizes a Digital Controller
  • Produces the Same Mosquito Mist Every Time
  • Siphon Protection
  • Leak Detection
  • High Wind Sensor Interrupt
  • Multiple Zone Management

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MistAway Systems
Greenville Mosquito Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for MistAway Systems. MistAway Systems is the leading manufacturer of mosquito misting systems for outdoor mosquito control.

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