Mosquito Trap   Mosquito Magnet, etc.      
  FAIL    (marginally effective, messy and labor intensive)

  • MUST operate 24/7 for a week or more to obtain SLIGHT results
  • MUST operate 24/7 for a MONTH or more to obtain MODERATE results
  • Frequent propane tank changes can be expensive
  • Every tank change requires: (to achieve published results)
    1. Trek to the store and refill/exchange the propane tank
    2. Remove dead and/or decaying insects from the trap
    3. Clean/blowout propane delivery lines with CO2 cartridges
    4. Replace proprietary trap netting
    5. Fill chemical attractant
    6. Carry the propane tank to the backyard and connect
  • Ineffective for short term mosquito control
  • Moderate effectiveness for long term mosquito control
  • No help with fleas, ticks, spiders, or no–see–ums

The American Mosquito Control Association, founded in 1935, is a scientific/educational, not–for–profit public service association posts this on their Web site:

“…these devices will trap and kill measurable numbers of mosquitoes. Whether this will produce a noticeable reduction in the mosquito population in each case will depend upon a number of factors, e.g. individual tolerance level, absolute mosquito population size, proximity, size and type of breeding habitat producing re–infestation, wind velocity and direction, and species of mosquito present, and others. Depending upon their placement, wind direction, and inherent trapping efficiency, traps may actually draw more mosquitoes into an area than they can possibly catch.Thus, the homeowner must still use repellents and practice source reduction methods as adjuncts to realize any measure of relief. Indeed, the AMCA has received a number of testimonials from buyers who are dissatisfied with these products and the level of support they've received from the manufacturers.

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