Barrier Treatments, Spraying, Fogging, etc.
  FAIL    (Fades, Leaves Residue, Weather Degration, Indiscriminate, Noisy)

  • INCONSISTENT protection
  • EXCELLENT IN SHORT TERM, special events, etc.
  • FADES in effectiveness
  • BI or TRI-WEEKLY application required
  • DEGRADES with foul weather requiring costly re-applications
  • PETROLEUM based residue
  • KILLS BENEFICIAL insects along with mosquitoes
  • LABOR INTENSIVE with noisy equipment
  • DEPENDENT on correct mixing and application
  • SCHEDULING issues, waiting lists, etc.
  • MOST EXPENSIVE long–term solution

To order barrier treatments — call one of our competitors:

  • Mosquito Squad,
  • Mosquito Authority,

Last Modified 2014-01-07