Mosquito Misting

  Superior in Every Way  

Automatic operation, superior effectiveness, and user friendly.
Occasional replenishments are done in a SNAP!

  • IMMEDIATE and amazing effectiveness
  • CONSISTENT effectiveness all season long
  • NOT AFFECTED by foul weather
  • AUTOMATIC, MANUAL and OFF options
  • AUTOMATIC OPERATION typically 30 – 45 seconds at dawn & dusk
  • SCHEDULED around YOUR lifestyle
  • WATER BASED botanical insecticide
  • ULTRA LOW VOLUME (ULV) insecticide is further diluted with water 108 to 1
  • KILLS mosquitoes, ticks, flees, flies, spiders and no–see–ums
  • OPERATES when mosquitoes are active and beneficial insects are not
  • WIND SENSOR option to prevent off–property drift
  • SILENT operation
  • LEAST EXPENSIVE long term solution
  • FULL SERVICE and DIY options available

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Last Modified 2014-03-01