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It all began after a dealer from out-of-state installed one of these systems at our house. We went the entire summer without a single mosquito bite!   Because it worked so completely we thought to offer the same outdoor comfort we were enjoying to others and started Greenville Mosquito, Inc. in 2010. It was an easy and natural decision since nobody was actively promoting MistAway products in our region. Beginning as a full-service company, our Internet sales for the do-it-yourself crowd quickly overtook local sales.

If you desire full service but are located outside our service area we will gladly find you a dealer in your area — just give us a call! Our region is within approximately 50 miles of the I85 & I385 intersection in South Carolina.

This is our full-service website. For DIY go to

Installing the misting system yourself allows great savings and is so easy to do, especially since we include a do-it-yourself installation video that comes FREE with every system purchased from our DIY website! And of course we are here if you have questions. We ship anywhere in the continental United States except New York.

What we do best is customer service. Every order is appreciated and followed through with enthusiasm. Local and Internet customers routinely tell us they've never experienced customer service as good as ours and that makes us very proud.

We welcome inquiry, so please contact us and give us a call by clicking on the ‘Contact’ menu above.

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